Computer-Delivered  Test Results

Computer-delivered test results are available within 1-5 days.


As of January 2024 for candidate’s who have taken the computer-based test on the new platform results can be easily viewed and accessed, Here.  Simply log onto your account and click on My Tests which is located on the upper right-hand corner, all test results taken from the start of 2024 will be displayed.  Candidates can now send their test results to academic institutions, recognized organizations and or request for an enquiry on result for any test modules to be re-assessed within their account.



Paper-Based Test Results


A paper copy of your IELTS test score known as an IELTS Test Report Form (TRF) which will be released 13 days after your test date. This will then be sent to you in the post or you can request to collect this in person.

To preview your paper-based test results after 13 days please visit, Here.


All test results are valid up to 2 years after your test date.

Accessing Your Results Online

To pre-view your test results online please click on the button below.  You will be required to fill in all necessary fields exactly matching the data to the ID document that was used when you registered for the IELTS account.  Please be aware the site is very case and space sensitive.

Your Test Report Form (TRF)


Please note: Your IELTS test results cannot be disclosed via email or over the phone.

If you have lost your Test Report Form or need additional copies sent to a specific organization, please contact us

Understanding your IELTS Results


You cannot “pass” or “fail” the IELTS test. Rather, you will be awarded an IELTS band score from 0-9 for each test section, which reflects your proficiency in English.

Your IELTS Test Report Form will show a score for each of the four skills (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking) and an overall band score. You can score whole band scores (for example 5.0, 6.0, 7.0) or half band scores (e.g. 5.5, 6.5, 7.5) in every section of the test.

IELTS Results Validity

Your IELTS results are valid for 2 years.

Additional Copies of your Paper-Based Test Report Form


Each additional TRFs will be an additional $30. Please contact us on how to send your results to selected organizations.

Click here to order additional copies of your Test Report Form.


Please note that institutions need original copies of your IELTS Test Report Form. Photocopies will not be accepted.


Some universities or institutions have subscribed to electronic download of scores, so please make sure you check with us before sending them your results.

Appealing your Paper-Based IELTS Results (Enquiry On Results)


If you feel that your IELTS results are not what you were expecting,  you can appeal them. This means that you can have one or more sections of your test re-marked. This process is called an “Enquiry On Results” (EOR). If you would like to make an enquiry about your test results, you need to apply at the center where you booked your test within six weeks of your test date. You can choose which sections of the test you want to have re-marked.


There is a charge of $200 for an enquiry on IELTS test results, with the $25 non-refundable administration fee included for marks that comes back changed.


Your result will normally be available in 2-4 weeks, this depends on several factors including the number of sections requested for re-mark.


Candidates wishing to request a re-mark of their results must:

  1. Complete the Enquiry on Results form.
  2. Complete the EOR payment form.  The re-mark fee is $200.
  3. Please email forms to