Preparing for your IELTS exam

We want you to do well on your IELTS test, so we have compiled a list of some of the  ways you can prepare for your IELTS test.

To achieve the IELTS score you desire, it is highly recommended that you take an IELTS Preparation Course. Private lessons are available for $65 per hour.  For more information please contact us at


We also offer free English Classes through our CES Direct Program.


Contact us at for a Promo Code for FREE access to CES Direct.


Progress Check: Offers official practice tests which are marked by IELTS experts – contact for pricing on our IELTS Progress Check.


Preparation Books: You can purchase books from CES by clicking on the following link, IELTS PRACTICE BOOKS.

Test Dates

IELTS Preparation Classes

To achieve the IELTS score you desire, it is highly recommended to take an IELTS preparation course. Here at CES we offer a range of IELTS preparation classes to help you get the best possible exam result

Official IELTS Practice Materials (Book)

CES Exams sells the official IELTS Specimen Book. It contains sample questions for all four parts of the exam – Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Both the Academic and General Training modules are covered and there is a DVD/CD for Listening and Speaking practice.

This book is available for purchase at our administrative office at 112 Elizabeth St, Toronto, ON M5G 1P5. The price of the book is $40 CDN (HST included).

To order a Specimen Book by mail, please fill out the pdf Specimen Materials Order Form and fax it to 416-968-6667. You may also scan the form and email it to us at There is a postage fee of $4 for regular mail delivery within Canada, for a total cost of $44. Please allow 24 hours to process this request and 3-8 business days for delivery.

Information for Candidates

To learn more about what objectives the IELTS test can achieve for you please visit the following site.


Information for Candidates

Online Resources

If you don’t wish to take a preparation course, there are lots of other ways to help you prepare for the test online.


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