Registering for your IELTS Exam


In order to complete your computer-delivered IELTS registration process, you will need to upload one of the following valid ID documents that is accepted by IDP: Passport, Canadian Permanent Resident card, or Refugee Claimant Form.


Please ensure to follow the steps outlined below when uploading your ID document:

Step 1 : Log on to your BX Account, Here.

Step 2 :  Click on the 3 lines button which is located on the top left-hand corner, select “My Tests

Step 3 :  Click View Options for this test, Select “Update Details“, then “ID Details

Step 4 :  Select “Update ID“, please ensure the following data is clearly visible on the scanned ID document that is going to be uploaded:

– ID Document number, Valid Expiry Date, Image/Photo of yourself, Your Name, Your Signature.

– If your signature is on a separate page, please add a secondary image to the scanned ID document.

Step 5 :  Fill in the details then select “Confirm and Upload

For assistance please contact us at

Before you register for the Paper-Based IELTS test, please read this important IELTS Information.

We recommend you register for an IELTS exam as early as possible to make sure you get your preferred date.

Registering for the test is easy and can be done completely online. We offer multiple test dates every week for your convenience. Use our calendar to choose the test date that suits you best.


Online Registration is easy. Just follow these steps:


Step 1 : Use our calendar to find your preferred date. Then complete the online application form. You can choose to do the IELTS test on either paper or computer, depending on your preference. You can also upload a copy of your ID document at this stage. IDP only accepts valid Passport, Canadian Permanent Resident card, or Refugee Claimant Form.


Step 2 If you did not upload it when you registered online, email a scanned copy of your valid passport, Canadian Permanent Resident card, or Refugee Claimant Form to


Step 3 : Make your payment for the test fee of $359.  Once we have received the payment and documents, we will send you a confirmation email. Please note that it can take up to one week to process your application. 48 hours before your computer-delivered IELTs test, you will receive a reminder email with all the necessary test details.


Step 4 : Please note for paper-based candidates the first 5 academic institutions and or recognized organizations can receive test report form(s) for free during the time of registrations.  A charge of $30 per copy will be applied to any requests made after the completion of registration.



Note : The speaking test will be conducted on the same day as your Listening, Reading and Writing test. You will be able to select your appointment time during registration. If you need assistance, please contact us.

Please check your email inbox and junk mail inbox regularly. You may also wish to list our email address   as ‘not junk mail’ or ‘safe’ in your email provider’s settings.

IELTS is not recommended for those under the age of 16.

For minor’s please fill out an consent form and sent it back to our test center at